TAITRAˇ¦s Business Alliance taskforce takes its commission to attract foreign direct investors with utmost importance and sincerity. As part of its strategies to accomplish this goal, a series of publications have been released over the years to feature testimonies and success stories of some of the most renowned multinational conglomerates and experts in their own field, such as IBM, Intel, HP, Alcatel, Siemens, DHL, ABN AMRO, Degussa, Corning Display, and DuPont.

The ˇ§Win-Win Business Models of Foreign Investors in Taiwanˇ¨ on CD is the 4th edition from a series of success stories of foreign investments in Taiwan. ?Unlike the previous publications which focused more on IT and the major high tech industries, this current edition highlights on Taiwanˇ¦s emerging financial services sector and mergers and acquisitions, with additional spotlight on the islandˇ¦s most outstanding IPOs.

Please click on any of the publications below to learn more about Taiwan and how prominent business tycoons and conglomerates successfully built and expanded their business on the island.


2004 Success Stories of Foreign
Investment in Taiwan

2005 Success Stories of Foreign
Investment in Taiwan

2006 The core fo the cluster
Taiwan InnoValue
2007Win-Win Business Models of
Foreign Investors in Taiwan