Why Invest in Taiwan

• Industry clusters & complete supply chain
Taiwan: Top one ICT supplier in the world for LCD monitors,chip foundry service
  packaging, cable modems, notebook PCs, Mask ROMs, LAN equipment, ADSL,
  analog modems, and more
Geographic distribution of competitive industries
Abundant skilled and educated human resources
A wide range of hi-tech talents
  Managerial professionals in industries, such as, finance, international trade, and
high-tech, who can master Chinese, Japanese, and English
Strong R&D capabilitiesa
Expected R&D expenditure equivalent to 3% of GDP in 2009
About 39 R&D centers of multinational companies in Taiwan, such as Intel, HP,
    DELL, Sony, IBM, Microsoft, Motorola, Dupont, NEC, etc.
An emerging capital market
Taiwan Stock Exchange & Venture Capital
  720 listed companies, US$332 billion market capitalization as of Feb. 2009
  183 listed venture capital companies as of Dec. 2008
Banks: Taiwan's local banks are able to expand their business scale and become more internationalized through M & A

• 32 foreign banks (Citibank, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, RBS,
  Bangkok Bank, HSBC, and others) with 141 branch offices throughout Taiwan

    M&A generated between local and foreign banks:
    (1)Citibank's acquisition of Bank of Overseas Chinese(BOOC),
    (2)Shinsei Bank's purchase of stake of Jih Sun Financial Holdings Co,
    (3)Standard Chartered Bank's acquisition of Hsinchu International Bank and Asia
    Trust & Investment Corp.,
    (4)AIG's acquisition of Taiwan's Central Insurance,
    (5)HSBC's acquisition of The Chinese Bank,
    (6)GE Consumer Finance's strategic alliance with Cosmos Bank.
    (7)DBS Singapore's acquisition of Bowa Bank.
    and (8) ABN AMRO (RBS) acquires the assets, liabilities and operations of Taitung
    Business Bank.
• Efficient logistics operation
5 free ports in Taipei, Keelung, Taoyuan, Taichung, and Kaohsiung serve as
  regional hubs to Northeast and Southeast Asian countries
More than 10 global distribution centers such as Fujitsu, Intel, Bayer, SmartLink,
    Samancor, Applied Materials, etc
Gateway to China and the ASEAN markets
More than 50% of Taiwan's outward FDI goes to China and the ASEAN countries:
In 2008,Taiwan was the 3rd largest foreign investor in Cambodia, in Malaysia,
  in Thailand, and in Vietnam, and 7th in Indonesia and the Philippines, and
  ranked top 5 in China.

Sourcing and marketing ICT products through Taiwanes companies

IPOs (International Purchasing Offices) based in Taiwan generated orders totaling
    US$85.4 billion in 2008, 5.2% growth compared to the previous year; top 20
    IPOs registered 98.7% of total purchasing amounts
Major IPOs in Taiwan: HP, Dell, Sony, Apple, Toshiba, Lenovo, NEC, Motorola,
    Samsung, Nokia, Royal Philips, Cisco, IBM, Intel, Fujitsu Siemens, Fujitsu,
    Hitachi,Solectron, ViewSonic, etc.